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Single trip ticket

  • Bridge shuttle (from April to September) : 1€
  • Inner island trip with line 3 : 1€
  • Two zones trip La Rochelle <> Ile de Ré : 5€
  • VéloMouettes (July and August) - 1 single trip : 1€
  • Village shuttle : Free

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Daily Travel Pass La Rochelle <> Ile de Ré

You may want to take your time to enjoy the view on the Vieux Port (La Rochelle), take your day for a nice walk on the Ile de Ré or enjoy the amazing activities in La Rochelle and on the Ile de Ré.

Use that ticket to travel all the day long between La Rochelle and every places on the Ile de Ré.

Price : 5€

You can purchase that ticket from the bus drivers.

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Weekly Travel Pass La Rochelle <> Ile de Ré

You're on vacation in La Rochelle,  you're taking a trip on the Ile de Ré for one week, that ticket is for you! You want to know how to go to La Rochelle, and discover places to see in Charente-Maritime?

The Weekly Travel Pass gives you an unlimited access for 7 days between La Rochelle and every places on the Ile de Ré.

Price : 11€

The ticket is available for purchase through the bus drivers, but also in all the agencies Les Mouettes.

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Monthly Travel Pass La Rochelle <> Ile de Ré

If you want to visit La Rochelle, to discover the Ile de Ré, and to spend your holidays in Charente-Maritime for one month, that ticket is for you! You can travel between La Rochelle and everywhere on the Ile de Ré from the first day to the end of the month.

Price : 26€

That ticket is available in all the agencies Les Mouettes in La Rochelle, Rochefort, Royan (all the year long) and our agency in Saint-Martin-de Ré (July and August) .

Good to know !
If you can't come to our agencies, you can make a request or reload your month card by correspondance. Send your name, adress, number and the payment to the following adress :

Agence Les Mouettes
Place Françoise Dorléac
17 300 Rochefort

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