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What is TaxiMouettes ?

The transport network "Les Mouettes" has launched a new service : TaxiMouettes.

This additional mean of transportation is aiming at people living in retired areas that have no regular lines going through their cities.

The on-demand transport services allows you to go on defined days to the main town of your living area to go to the market, go to public services, to doctor appointment or to visit friends.

TaxiMouettes Step by Step

Use the following instructions to use TaxiMouettes,

1- Check your timetables on 0811 36 17 17 extension 3, Monday to Friday from 9am to 12am and 2pm to 6pm, or on this website.

2- Book your trip: registration and booking have to be made one day before your trip until 4pm. The expected departure time from your house and your arrival time will be mentioned to you. Make sure to book your way back, if needed.

3- Be ready at your home: a taxi will pick you up and drop you off at the stop you have booked. Pay your trip to the taxi driver.


As cheap as a bus ticket!

  • 2,50€ the single trip ticket
  • 4,80€ the day travel pass
  • 3,80€ the day travel pass for under 26 years old


Towns and villages served by the TaxiMouettes Service

⇒ Find a timetable


Tools and informations


  • Contraste Blanc/Noir
  • Contraste Noir / Blanc
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